Rasmus Koplimaa on The Freeride 192cm


"Where to start? I’ve skied The Freeride 192cm for 10 days in Val d’Isere in pretty much all conditions.

The Freeride is just what it claims to be, an awesome freeride ski. It handles every type of snow that you can come across outside the slopes.

Powder performance is fantastic, the long smooth rocker makes it float great and the tailrocker makes it easy to pivot and slash out fast direction changes. It feels very similar to my former favorite powderski Salomon Rocker 2 but with more stability. I found myself more often than not ski faster than I usually do and never once did I feel the ski show any sign of instability, I just enjoyed the ride.

On windblown, crud and hardpack the ski was stable, calm and solid. Just like you want a ski to be in those conditions.

One thing that worried me before I tried the ski the first time was a 192cm ski with a mounting point TC -7,5cm. But it feels just perfect. In some weird way the ski doesn’t feel as long when you ski it in a tight forest when it at the the same time gives you full performance of the length when charging open faces. Don’t know how that’s possible but the end result is just awesome!

It’s also light enough for touring even though I wouldn’t call it a touring ski. And it’s pretty fun on groomers when you happen to end up there in between offpist runs.

Norse The Freeride 192 is one of the best skis I’ve ever skied."